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  1. William Taylor

From the album Full Circle

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English Folk Heritage

Tale of a woman scorned and the fairly severe retribution she exacts on her dastardly ex. And for CSI fans, it’s a song involving a murder, cross-dressing and indecent exposure. This song probably started out in the Midlands and was sold on broadsheets printed in Digbeth in the 19th Century. Apparently women did indeed dress up as soldiers, sailors and highwaymen for a variety of reasons, mostly for office parties. Of course these tales were often told by men probably in mid-life crisis.


English Folk Heritage

I'll sing you a song of two true lovers, who from Litchfield Town did come,
Oh the young man's name was William Taylor, the maiden's name was Sarah Dunn.

Now for a soldier William's enlisted, for a soldier William he's gone
He's gone and left his charming Sarah all alone to make her mourn

So she's dressed herself in man's apparel, Man's apparel she-e put on
And for to find her own true lover, for to find him she is gone

Oh one day she was exercising, exercising with the rest
A silver locket it flew from her jacket and exposed her lily-white breast

Then the captain he stepped up to her, and asked her what had brought her there
All for to find my own true lover, For he has proved to me severe.
Oh if you are come to find your true love you must tell to me his name
His name it is Bold William Taylor, and from Litchfield Town he came.

If your true love's name is William Taylor, he is proved to you severe
For he was married unto a rich lady, yes he was married the other year
So if you rise early all in the morning, in the morning by the break of day
It's then you'll find Bold William Taylor, walking with his lady gay.

So she's rose early in the morning in the morning by the break of day
And it's then she saw Bold William Taylor and he was walking with his lady gay.

So she's called for a brace of pistols, a brace of pistols I command
And it's there she shot Bold William Taylor with his bride at his right hand.
Oh then the Captain he was well pleased, he was well pleased at what she had done
And so he made her a bold commander of his ship and o'er his men

Then the Captain he loved her dearly, he loved her dearly as his life
And so it was just three days after that Sarah became the Captain's wife.

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