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  1. The Token

From the album Two Ravens

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Phil Drane
Since I was a kid, ordinary English people have stoically put up with Celtic extremism of one sort or another. In particular the IRA who blew up 52 innocent English civilians while studiously avoiding the Celtic parts of the British mainland. Welsh and Scottish extremists were active too. Today there is a growing anti-English problem in many Scottish secondary schools, and even Billy Connolly has attacked the kind of nasty of nationalism that is on the increase in Scotland.
I wrote this song to remind everyone just how welcoming ordinary working English people have always been towards Celtic immigrants to England; that racism has been illegal in Britain for over 40 years; that no-one is exempt; that historical bigotry is no longer an excuse.


Should bitterness last a whole lifetime, And fill you with hatred and fear
Will you pass on this curse to your children and say
“The time to move on's not yet here”.
For they say time it is the great healer, For time should make memories fade,
But you still sing your song and your tune's never changed, will your past be forever replayed?

Why not let bygones be bygones
Come take my hand at last
It's freely offered as a token of peace,
To heal the wounds of the past (down),
To heal the wounds of the past.

Well you blamed us for things we can't alter, and we took your abuse with a smile,
Were we foolish to welcome you into our home, have you played us along all the while?
Not once have we thought to rebuke you, For the way you have used us for years,
And how has our goodness of heart been repaid? With unceasing derision and sneers.

Now I've listened to all your excuses, As to why you hate people like me,
But your patriot game has long outlived its time, And a racist that's all I now see.
For your blame is misplaced and misguided, it's the Common Folk always who bleed,
And it matters not where we might live in these Isles, we're all blighted by Ruling Class greed,
And for centuries we've been divided, not by culture or ethnic degree,
But by self-serving leaders, whatever their race, who care nothing for you or for me.
So let common foes bond and unite us, let us choose to be victims no more
Of British Imperialist liars and thieves, and their endless abuses of power

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