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Words & Music by Phil Drane

This is a protest song that I wrote about, and in memory of, George Lodge who was born in East Leicester in 1922. George was a patriotic, ethnic Englishman and a WWII veteran whose family had lived in the same house for 5 generations. He finally passed away on 23rd November 2011 aged 89.
He finally passed away in November 2011 aged 89, utterly confused and dismayed about what British Politicians and their ‘cronies’ had done to his city, his country and his people during his lifetime.
He was outraged and ashamed that, like many English people, he felt unable to openly speak his mind for fear being labeled racist or fascist or bigot.
Just before he died he wrote this “I hope to God that soon I will no longer have to stand helplessly by while my England, my English cultural heritage, my ethnic English identity and my English way of life are systematically undermined, ridiculed and ‘disappeared’ by British Politicians and their cronies.
PostScript: Ironically, in 2011 the ’committee’ of one well-known London folk club decided this song was “anti-multicultural” and confrontational to immigrant folk in their community. They cancelled my gig and actually paid me not to perform.
It is interesting that protest songs are now required to be politically-correct; Phil Ochs must be turning in his grave.
I seem to recall that this English folk club and many others had no such problem with the constant stream of Irish and Scottish protest songs back in the 60s – songs that were offensive and confrontational to many English people, particularly during the IRA bombings of English towns and the murder of 53 English people. Apparently, in this particular English folk club at least the English values of tolerance, freedom of speech and peaceful protest have been replaced by censorship, intolerance and bigotry bordering on anti-English racism.
This is George’s protest song against people like these and on behalf of ethnic English people who are being rapidly driven out of their homeland by New British politics.


Words & Music by Phil Drane

What have they done to this land I was born in?
Whatever possessed them to tear out its heart?
For more than a thousand years it’s been England,
And then in one single lifetime, they’ve torn it apart.
And what have they done to the indigenous English
Whose forefathers lived and toiled on this land?
Is this really the England they fought for and died for?
Is Blair's New British perversion the future they had planned?
And did we really invite all these strangers to come here?
Did they come with intentions we don’t understand?
Are we just victims and pawns in this New British Empire
They’ve built on our English birthright, our culture, and our land?
And now our cities can be strange and alien places,
Where segregation prevails, integration near none
And since the British began this plantation of England;
Untold millions of ethnic English have gone.

First Chorus:
(For we were) One country, now we're divided,
Since the British stole away our sovereignty
(Yes we were) one people, once united,
Then the British stole away our identity
And robbed us of our ethnicity.

Now we’ve no political say in the shaping of England,
Though our forebears for centuries defended these shores
No unified voice for the disempowered English,
No heroes to champion our nationalist cause.
And now our young urban English see no future in England
They've been detached from their roots, and their birthright? It’s stillborn.
What price the blood sweat and tears our people shed for this country?
They’ve sacrificed our existence for their New British dawn.
So now the ways of us English are fast disappearing,
British cultural oppression – that’s what’s winning the day,
We’re Britain’s first, and now final colonial conquest,
And piece by piece, bit by bit, they’re stealing England away.
So who made me a stranger in this land I was born in?
Those who seek to cleanse England of people like me
Those New British thievers who lied and deceived us
They won’t rest until England is Englishness-free.

They stole our passion and pride; our English birthright denied
Our English anthem refused; our human rights they've abused
Our nation's flag they deride; our ethnic roots they've decried
When did we give them the right to tear our country apart?

Final Chorus:
(For we were) One England, now we're divided;
Since the British stole away our sovereignty.
(Yes we were) one English people, once united;
Then the British stole away our identity.
And robbed us of our ethnicity; and stripped us of our dignity.
(RIP George Lodge 1922-2011)

© PhilDrane Music 2016