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Words & Music by Phil Drane
This song stems from a throw-away quote attributed to a well-known British folk singer "We tend to forget that England was the first country colonised by the British, and that the English people have never been allowed any form of self-determination".
Ethnic English people are more detached from their ancestry and their ethnic and cultural identity than any other ethnic group. The British Government’s appetite for conflict between 1750 and 1950 was such that around 3 million young Englishmen were killed and maimed on battlefields in foreign lands, with some English villages losing 95% of their young men under 25 in WWI.
This, along with the estimated 2 million young English men who died prematurely during the Industrial Revolution, had a disastrous effect on English ethnic continuity. The British Government’s enthusiasm for the over-speedy replacement of England’s breeding stock with foreign males, including emigrants from Scotland, Wales and both Irelands, then destroyed all possibility of ethnic English recovery.
In more recent times successive British Governments have enforced disastrous multiculturalism and mass immigration policies on England, the effects of which caused the mass emigration of English people - the younger ones start new lives in America, Australia, Canada and New Zealand; the older ones to take (early) retirement in France, Spain and Portugal.
Edmund Blunden wrote his poem Forefathers in 1923, which summed up his view of just how badly the English had already been detached from their English roots by the end of WWI. In fact it was simply a warning of things to come.
In 21st Century Britain the English have been so thoroughly beaten up and denied their birthright, traditions and heritage that they know little about (and thus care little about) their own English forefathers and the contribution they made to their lives and the safety and security of England. Blunden would think it entirely disgraceful that in so-called multicultural Britain it is the ethnic English alone who are racially discriminated against and culturally oppressed.
From the times of vassals and bondsmen the English have always been slaves with no influence over what happened to them, England, their English heritage, their English way of life. Under the British democratic system that is how it has always been for England and the English.
Only slaves would meekly accept the usurping of their country, their culture, their freedom, their identity and the disappearance of their people. The Irish and Scots did not, they fought back. The ethnic English have, and the disappearance of 200,000 English surnames from England over the past 200 years is proof positive that in the British context, the English have always been, and are still, slaves.



Words & Music: Phil Drane

All the peoples that Britain once conquered are free,
And now choose for themselves how their countries should be,
The land of their forefathers, now peacefully,
Resting content in their graves.
And what of the English, oppressed endlessly,
Once vassals and bondsmen, what’s their destiny?
Well, the comically strange, bitter-sweet irony,
Is that the English are still British slaves.
Yes the English have always been slaves.

Over 300 years the British waged wars
And countless young Englishmen died for their cause
No ethnic revival, there was hardly a pause
While the headstones the mason engraves.
For the British conscripted again and again
Many more generations of English young men
Were shipped out to die, where their fathers were slain,
Maybe some even share the same graves,
But then that’s how death is when you’re slaves.

To the millions of conscripts who died overseas,
Add the millions who died from industrial disease,
And those they transported who died deportees,
England’s breeding stock cut down in swathes.
For the British replaced them with foreign young men
From the North and the West, from the bog and the glen
And no-one took notice or picked up a pen,
England’s loss, British history betrays.
But then who cares how tyrants treat slaves.

No heroes to champion the Englishman’s fight,
Against ethnic oppression and cultural blight,
For the British abused their political might
And then absolute power depraves.
T’was blind faith in justice and British fair play
That denied English people their ancestral way
For history repeats, so the history books say
And British history has always portrayed
That the English have always been slaves

Now the future of England’s been stolen away
For when apathy reigns, British bigots will play
While the English watch football on TV all day
And forget how a patriot behaves.
For when good men do nothing, then evil is planned,
Now the ‘New British’ wheel and they deal underhand,
Til they’ve built their Jerusalem in England’s green land
Not the England the Englishman craves.
But then the English have always been slaves
Yes the English will always be slaves.

© PhilDrane Music 2016