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This is an English heritage folk song from Cornwall where the small fishing village of Lamorna sits on the Penwith peninsula. It is really just a small congregation of houses clustered around a natural harbour. The song is about a wayward husband receiving his comeuppance from his wife and is beloved of many Cornish singers.
This may be a localised version of a song from Manchester, as there was indeed an Albert Square, which features in the first line of the song was in nearby Penzance (near the current Albert Street) in Victorian times.


So, now I'll sing to 'ee , Its about a maiden fair
I met the other evening, In the corner of the square
She had a dark and roving eye: she was a charming rover
And we roved all night, In the pale moonlight
Away down to Lamorna

Twas down in Albert Square I never shall forget:
Her eyes they shone like diamonds
And the evening it was wet wet wet
Her hair hung down in curls, she was a charming rover
And we roved all night In the pale moonlight
Away down to Lamorna.

As we got in the cab well I asked her for her name
And when she gave it to me, Well mine it was the same
So I lifted up her veil for her face was covered over
To my surprise it was my wife, I took down to Lamorna

She said "I knowed 'ee well, I knowed 'ee all along
I knowed 'ee in the dark, But I did it for a lark - lark - lark
And for that lark you'll pay, For the taking of your Donna
For I declare, You'll pay the fare
Away down to Lamorna

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