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  1. Love Is All
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I don’t really know where this song came from since I set out to write a song about my three spinster great aunts who looked after me when I was a kid. Instead this is what came out. Perhaps it is partly about the warm, loving relationship I had with them or the other times in my life when I would have appreciated someone saying these words to me.


Words & Lyrics: Phil Drane

Oh love it is, such a precious thing
It can make you weep, most times it makes you sing
Whenever walls close in, feels like you're bound in chains
You think you don't need love, but love is all that remains.
Yes love is all that remains.

When you’re all alone, it’s just a stony road,
And life is no big deal, just one more heavy load.
Whenever you get lost, think you'll never be found
Maybe you can't feel it, but love is all around
Yes love is all around

Love is patient, love is kind,
Love is cruel, love is I blind,
Love can heal and soothe the soul
Love is all you need to make you whole.

Yes love it is, everywhere you turn
It can make you soar, or make you crash and burn
When you feel closed in, by a mile-high fence
Just put your faith in love, and it all makes sense.
Yes it all makes sense.

Walk on, walk on, you can walk in my shoes
Maybe I can help you drive away life’s blues
I'll help you search for truth, the key that opens doors
You know it's bound to be love, 'cause only love endures.
Yes only love endures
Love, love is all
Love, love is all.

© PhilDrane Music 2016