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Is England now simply “Britain-Lite” and where did the native and immigrant English people go?  

Britain today comprises Scotland, Wales and 7 disparate Regions.
These Regions were arbitrarily carved out of what used to be called "England", by a "British" Government in 1994. In the British devolved government context each Region is now forced to compete, unfairly, with the Scotlish Government and Welsh Assembly for British Government contracts, and in other International/ Domestic bidding contests.

"English" as an ethnic group was permanently removed from the 2012 England and Wales Census form by…

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The New Zealand Herald and Anglophobic Sports Reporting 

Goalmouth Scramble: Why football fans around the world would relish seeing Colombia eliminate England

The article linked below appeared in The New Zealand Herald Online recently and if you are English, it will give you an insight as to why, in a supposed non-racist 21st century world, Anglophobia is so widespread. 
The author, Damien Venuto ( a NZ Herald Business Reporter) claims to speak for all football fans around the world and uses the football World Cup as a vehicle to peddle an anti-English commentary…

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