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All My Own Work 

For me there's nothing more rewarding than working for three months or so on creating a new album.
I love all the pre-production stuff like writing, arranging, learning and recording the music and lyrics - this is what takes most of the time.

Then again I am consumed by the process of engineering the tracks to make them the best I can with the facilities and funding I have.
The software I use, Band In A Box and Cakewalk, isn't top of the line but is reliable and allows me to experiment with my music.

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About Pokarekare Ana 

This love song began life in the north of Auckland at the start of World War One. It then drifted to the East Cape, where it was modified into an action song telling of Paraire Tomoana's 1912 courtship of Kuini Raerena. I decided to return the song to its original 3/4 time, as befits the love song that it originally was. Most often these days only the first verse and the chorus seems to get sung, so I went a little further and included the second verse which has lots of alliteration, and is great to sing.
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Sleeve Notes etc - Full Circle 

A journey of half a lifetime. Recorded and produced at our bach in Hot Water Beach, Coromandel, New Zealand during March and April 2008.

My sincere thanks go to Nic Jones and Mike Canavan for writing the superb "Green to Grey" and "The Knocker Upper Man" respectively. Mostly, I must thank Glennis, my long-suffering missus for putting up with my second, third and fourth mid-life crises.

Track Notes
1. High Germany

An old broadsheet ballad this is a favourite of mine…Read more

Sleeve Notes etc - Two Ravens 

Phil's second album Two Ravens is, like his first, mainly English Roots music and features his award-winning composition "Song For Jackie". Also included are his own arrangements of Traditional English songs such as "Two Ravens", "The Saucy Bold Robber", "Australia", "The Lancashire Lads", and his own 'Northern Industrial Blues' version of "The Bolinder Boatman". Along with four of his own compositions, the tracks are all English Roots except for one - his beautiful arrangement of the New Zealand Maori love…Read more