My new album "The English Lament" is now available from 

I'm pleased to say my new album "The Englisc Lament"  is now available. It's a compilation of traditional and contemporary folk-roots songs that celebrate ethnic English folk-heritage and features a title track that highlights a topic that is taboo in New Britain - the plight of the native, ethnic English people.  The Englisc Lament may not find approval with Anglophobes and the politically-correct brigade but, as always used to be the case in English folk clubs back in the 60s and 70s, that's what realRead more

Sleeve Notes etc - Full Circle 

A journey of half a lifetime. Recorded and produced at our bach in Hot Water Beach, Coromandel, New Zealand during March and April 2008.

My sincere thanks go to Nic Jones and Mike Canavan for writing the superb "Green to Grey" and "The Knocker Upper Man" respectively. Mostly, I must thank Glennis, my long-suffering missus for putting up with my second, third and fourth mid-life crises.

Track Notes
1. High Germany

An old broadsheet ballad this is a favourite of mine…Read more

Sleeve Notes etc - Two Ravens 

Phil's second album Two Ravens is, like his first, mainly English Roots music and features his award-winning composition "Song For Jackie". Also included are his own arrangements of Traditional English songs such as "Two Ravens", "The Saucy Bold Robber", "Australia", "The Lancashire Lads", and his own 'Northern Industrial Blues' version of "The Bolinder Boatman". Along with four of his own compositions, the tracks are all English Roots except for one - his beautiful arrangement of the New Zealand Maori love…Read more

What Guitars Do I Play? 

At every gig I'm always asked one question - what are the guitars I play.
I got this message in my MySpace Inbox a few weeks ago from a guy called Luke, who by the way is worth checking out at
"Phil, Awesome songs and website. I was wondering what Yamaha models you play besides the LS16.... what is the one with the tortoise pickguard and diamond fret markers? What pickups do you use in your guitars? All the best... Luke."

So for Luke and anyone else who's interested…Read more

BBC Radio 3 Late Junction 

Large bouquet for Fiona Talkington for an airplay of The Bolinder Boatman (off the new Two Ravens album) on her Saturday night show Late Junction in early January. DIdn't hear it myself as I was in New Zealand at the time but had an email of congratulations from the Dave & Mary Goulder estate in Scotland that put a smile on my dial for a week. Late Junction is best described as a 'laid back eclectic show', I've listened in a few times and just love the 'chocolate-box' music selection. The major interest is…Read more

The Legend of Tir Na N'Og 

When I lived in Ireland in the 80s I sang at a pub on the West Coast called Tir Na N'Og and it was there I learned a bit about the legend.
The Tir Na N'Og Club in Auckland has been run by Roger Giles and Hilary Condon for many years and I'm looking forward to singing there at the end of February 2010.
The legend of Tir Na nOg, the land of youth, concerns the quest for eternal youth has obsessed man through the ages.
Tir Na nOg was an enchanted land where the beautiful Tuatha de Danann lived. According…Read more

Radio Gloucester 

What a nice bloke Johnny Coppin is. Kind comments about my new Two Ravens CD today. As well as "really enjoying the album" he found a slot to play my version of 'The Bolinder Boatman' by Ian Woods. Either tune in on Sunday at 3pm or if you can't, replays are available on the BBC iPlayer for the following 6 days. A really well presented show and a good smount of English stuff too. Thanks Johnny. Phil
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Winner Saltburn Festival Songwriting Competiton 2008 

Phil won the 2008 Saltburn Folk Festival Songwriting Competition.
As well as picking up a cheque for £100, Phil was awarded the Keith Marsden Memorial Trophy and performed his winning composition 'Song for Jackie'
in front of a Sunday concert audience of over 200, to a rousing reception.
Main stage performers The Wilson Family and The Sands Family were extremely complimentary about Phil's song and performance, and at the Closing Session Phil once again performed the song to a tremendous reception.
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