About Pokarekare Ana

This love song began life in the north of Auckland at the start of World War One. It then drifted to the East Cape, where it was modified into an action song telling of Paraire Tomoana's 1912 courtship of Kuini…

Girvan Folk Club Gig

Arrived at The Queen's Hotel, Girvan after our SATNAV sent us on the most wobbly circuit imaginable. For some inexplicable reason a 3.5hr journey turned into a 6 hour epic, with only the lovely Ayrshire countryside to admire. On reflection…

Sleeve Notes etc - Full Circle

A journey of half a lifetime. Recorded and produced at our bach in Hot Water Beach, Coromandel, New Zealand during March and April 2008.

My sincere thanks go to Nic Jones and Mike Canavan for writing…

Sleeve Notes etc - Two Ravens

Phil's second album Two Ravens is, like his first, mainly English Roots music and features his award-winning composition "Song For Jackie". Also included are his own arrangements of Traditional English songs such as "Two Ravens", "The Saucy Bold Robber", "Australia"…

What Guitars Do I Play?

At every gig I'm always asked one question - what are the guitars I play.
I got this message in my MySpace Inbox a few weeks ago from a guy called Luke, who by the way is worth checking…

BBC Radio 3 Late Junction

Large bouquet for Fiona Talkington for an airplay of The Bolinder Boatman (off the new Two Ravens album) on her Saturday night show Late Junction in early January. DIdn't hear it myself as I was in New Zealand at the…

The Legend of Tir Na N'Og

When I lived in Ireland in the 80s I sang at a pub on the West Coast called Tir Na N'Og and it was there I learned a bit about the legend.
The Tir Na N'Og Club in Auckland…

Radio Gloucester

What a nice bloke Johnny Coppin is. Kind comments about my new Two Ravens CD today. As well as "really enjoying the album" he found a slot to play my version of 'The Bolinder Boatman' by Ian Woods. Either tune…

Radio Shropshire

Two tracks from my new Two Ravens CD played by Genevieve Tudor on her Sunday BBC Radio Shropshire show 18th Oct. 
Available until 25th on BBC i-Player if you're interested. Pokarekare Ana at around 28 mins, and Australia around…

Winner Saltburn Festival Songwriting Competiton 2008

Phil won the 2008 Saltburn Folk Festival Songwriting Competition.
As well as picking up a cheque for £100, Phil was awarded the Keith Marsden Memorial Trophy and performed his winning composition 'Song for Jackie'
in front of a…
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