Mass immigration and multiculturalism - the Socialist curse.

I find it callous, destructive and blatantly racist that successive British and other European Governments continue to be completely prejudiced and brutally intolerant towards their own majority native and indigenous ethnic people who have been subjected to unprecedented, irreversible revolutionary change brought about by radical Socialist policies.  Mass immigration and Multiculturalism were policies that, in the UK at least, were obscured from the deep scrutiny of democratic process by being purposely under-detailed in Labour's 1997 General election manifesto, along with Celtic devolution.
Not only were these policies not democratically mandated, they were dangerously experimental, and in a 2008 speech, UK Race Relations Commissioner Trevor Phillips described them as having “disastrously failed all English people”. 
British and European politicians still refuse to acknowledge that the twin socialist evils of mass immigration and multi-culturalism, forcibly introduced 20-25 years ago, and have been disastrous for the native and indigenous peoples of Britain and Europe whose concerns for the country in which they, and generations of their ancestors, have invested blood, sweat and tears have been completely ignored.
Their concerns for their own continued safety and wellbeing too, their own economic, social, cultural and ethnic condition continue to be summarily dismissed as ‘racist’ by the very Governments whose primary duty is to protect the interests of their existing population.
These native peoples are simply collateral damage in Britain and Europe’s dogged, headlong dash following a socialist-created dream that might well end up the same dystopian nightmare that is present-day America.