What Guitars Do I Play?

At every gig I'm always asked one question - what are the guitars I play.
I got this message in my MySpace Inbox a few weeks ago from a guy called Luke, who by the way is worth checking out at   http://www.myspace.com/lukemutz
"Phil, Awesome songs and website. I was wondering what Yamaha models you play besides the LS16.... what is the one with the tortoise pickguard and diamond fret markers? What pickups do you use in your guitars? All the best... Luke."

So for Luke and anyone else who's interested here's the low-down. I have always played Yamaha guitars.
In fact I've always chosen the best ones I could afford at the time, which in the early days meant an FG400 and a F405 which I still own and are now over twenty years old.
They have matured brilliantly like Yamahas do and are still a delight to play.
Being a little older with a bit more cash to spare, two years ago I invested in two hand-made Lotus Series models, pictures of which are below. I sampled over 30 top of the range Martins, L'Arrivees, Matons, Tahlors, Takamines etc etc (twice) at Music Works shop in Auckland, New Zealand amost wrecking Adrian's guitar display.
The LS16 (first two pics) is a concert guitar that I use almost exclusively for finger work. It's a beaut guitar with lovely tone and sustain throughout the fretboard and a fantastic 'action'.
The LJ26 (second two pics) is a jumbo guitar that I use for flatpicking and occasional standard tuning finger picking. It's got loads of 'umph' and, same as the LS16 has no 'tinniness' anywhere through the ranges. Both guitars are a joy to play, and I have to say that since I bought them, my playing just gets better and better.
Both guitars are amplified with D-Tar wavelength pickup/ mic units from Duncan - Turner. Brilliant gear that so faithfully reproduces my acoustic sound that I get compliments everywhere I play. Hope that helps. Phil.