The Legend of Tir Na N'Og

When I lived in Ireland in the 80s I sang at a pub on the West Coast called Tir Na N'Og and it was there I learned a bit about the legend.
The Tir Na N'Og Club in Auckland has been run by Roger Giles and Hilary Condon for many years and I'm looking forward to singing there at the end of February 2010.
The legend of Tir Na nOg, the land of youth, concerns the quest for eternal youth has obsessed man through the ages.
Tir Na nOg was an enchanted land where the beautiful Tuatha de Danann lived. According to Celtic mythology, the Tuatha De Danann were the last generation of gods and goddesses to rule Ireland and they were possessed with magical abilities and great skills in the Arts. They were eventually conquered in battle but were allowed to stay in Ireland if they remained underground. From then on they became known as the Celtic fairies we read about in ancient myth.