My new album "The English Lament" is now available from

I'm pleased to say my new album "The Englisc Lament"  is now available. It's a compilation of traditional and contemporary folk-roots songs that celebrate ethnic English folk-heritage and features a title track that highlights a topic that is taboo in New Britain - the plight of the native, ethnic English people.  The Englisc Lament may not find approval with Anglophobes and the politically-correct brigade but, as always used to be the case in English folk clubs back in the 60s and 70s, that's what real protest songs are meant to do.

The album is availabloe as a hardcopy CD or as a single mp3 download through my website.....  .....
and if you choose to download the mp3 album,  the sleeve notes, lyrics and artwork are also available for download in MS Word format as a text document and as a printable image.