Girvan Folk Club Gig

Arrived at The Queen's Hotel, Girvan after our SATNAV sent us on the most wobbly circuit imaginable. For some inexplicable reason a 3.5hr journey turned into a 6 hour epic, with only the lovely Ayrshire countryside to admire. On reflection, the A75 is a road to be avoided. We phoned Maggie Millar the organiser as instructed and she came down to the pub to say hello and show us the clubroom which is a really great dining room at the back of the hotel. Even for a soloist like me, acoustic performance is perfectly adequate. Anyway, Maggie invited us back to her place (where we were staying) and met her partner Bobby Robb and Beverley his daughter. Bobby is a singer of some repute, and he and Maggie used to play together in a band. Thyey have been running Girvan FC for many years and also started the Girvan Folk Festival, so they're well-known and respected in the Scottish folk scene. A cuppa on arrival was very welcome and we kicked back for a couple of hours before the evening was due to start. After a lovely, unexpected dinner we tootled off to the club to get ready for an 8.30pm start. The compere, Pat, was very welcoming and opened the evening with a couple of songs, and after his short set, the room had filled up very nicely. My two sets of mostley ethnic English folk-roots were received really well, and the Girvan folk were kind enough to join in on all the chorus songs. It's always a buzz for me when people people from poether cultures join in a celebration of mine. I do thank everyone for making Glennis and I feel right at home. I particularly want to thank Pat for his kind introductions and closing comments. To Bev, may thanks for the interesting chats and lovely food, and Maggie and Bobby for their warmth and hospitality. Thanks also for the CD and the directions as to how to get home; a lot shorter and more picturesque than the trip up The CD kept us entertained for much of the way. Thanks for the offer to visit again - if we are anywhere close, we will most certainly take you up on it.
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Best wishes, Phil & Glennis.