Durham Miner's Gala

Attended the Miner's Gala on 10th July thanks to an invitation from Marie Little & Pete Smith. I was absolutely blown away. We walked under the National Union of Mineworkers banner with Jim Bainbridge and John & Jill Prentice and others all the way to Durham Cathedral, along with countless other banners/ supporters and brass bands from othe mining pits and communities and unions where we witnessed the blessing of 7 new banners. What a moving experience. I'm a sucker for a brass band anyway since it's a music form indigenous to the North of England, but to hear the hymn tune "Gresford" (also known as "The Miners' Hymn", written by Robert Saint of Hebburn) in the acoustics of Durham Cathderal is stunning. The bass drum will haunt me for a while methinks. Anyway, an experience that Glennis and I won't forget. Phil.