All My Own Work

For me there's nothing more rewarding than working for three months or so on creating a new album.
I love all the pre-production stuff like writing, arranging, learning and recording the music and lyrics - this is what takes most of the time.

Then again I am consumed by the process of engineering the tracks to make them the best I can with the facilities and funding I have.
The software I use, Band In A Box and Cakewalk, isn't top of the line but is reliable and allows me to experiment with my music.

This is followed by the artwork, the building of sleeve notes and song bios and, of course, the lyrics.
Finally, uploading of the completed album for distribution - iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon and my own website.

The end result is something that isn't by any means perfect but it is completely self-made, and selling the first copy is immensely satisfying.

I am a Garage musician producing Garage albums and I wouldn't have it any other way.