About Pokarekare Ana

This love song began life in the north of Auckland at the start of World War One. It then drifted to the East Cape, where it was modified into an action song telling of Paraire Tomoana's 1912 courtship of Kuini Raerena. I decided to return the song to its original 3/4 time, as befits the love song that it originally was. Most often these days only the first verse and the chorus seems to get sung, so I went a little further and included the second verse which has lots of alliteration, and is great to sing.
Below is the full translation of the song, courtesy of the NZ FolkSong website which can be found by clicking <<Here>>.

Pōkarekare ana ngā wai o Waiapu,       ,
Whiti atu koe hine, marino ana e.  
[They are agitated the waters of Waiapu
But when you cross over girl they will be calm]

E hine e, hoki mai ra.
Ka mate ahau, I te aroha e.
[Oh girl, return to me,
I could die of love for you]

Tuhituhi taku reta , tuku atu taku rīngi,
Kia kite tō iwi, raru raru ana e.
[I have written my letter, I have sent my ring,
so that your people can see that I am troubled]

Whati whati taku pene, ka pau aku pepa,
Ko taku aroha, mau tonu ana e.
[My pen is shattered, I have no more paper
But my love is still steadfast]

E kore te aroha, e maroke i te rā,
Mākūkū tonu i, aku roimata e.
[My love will never be dried by the sun,
It will be forever moistened by my tears]