England - A Country of Perpetrators, Bystanders, and Victims


According to Jewish writer Raul Hilberg there are three types of people involved wherever evil flourishes - Perpetrators, Bystanders, and Victims. Only the victims are without blame. 

It is unbelievable that the lessons of Rochdale, Rotherham and Telford et al have not yet been learned. If so, the Bystanders of Manchester missed the reports. Surely this can't be what even the most avid the supporters of multiulturalism intended when it was imposed in England back in 1997. 

How have the Perpetrators - the groomers, rapists and paedophiles who are largely Pakistani Muslim men - been allowed to believe that what they have done is in any way acceptable in Britain. Is this the norm in Pakistan? In Islam? 

How have the Bystanders - the British politicians, police and social services workers become co-conspirators whose continued silence has allowed hundreds of Perpetrators to get away with targeting, grooming, raping and abusing more than 3,000 vulnerable (mostly white English) girls and boys over such a protracted time. 

How have the Victims been so badly let down by everyone involved? 

Forget the pretentious term 'Grooming Gangs' - these are simply thugs of the worst kind. 

Such Perpetrators would normally be prosecuted or grooming, raping and paedophilia to the full extent of British Law. 

The British Bystanders - 'conspirators' in these debacles would be named, shamed, and removed from their jobs. 

The Victims must be allowed to see justice done. They must be given proper psychological and medical care and the right to sue the Perpetrators, the Conspirators & Bystanders. 

The Pakistani Muslim Community in England must be seen to acknowledge that British Law takes precedence over ethnic or religious allegiances, and as British citizens it is their legal obligation to uphold it by cooperating with the police and other agencies.

The outrage should be widespread - but is it? What can anyone with a  'normal' moral compass say out loud, in safety in England these days? 

Will the almost deafening silence that has surrounded this 15-year outrage continue? 

Hopefully, someone will have the political and moral will to pursue justice for the victims and restore their faith (and everyone else's) that, given the obvious differences in moral codes that now exist in Britain, British Law and the British justice system will still protect law-abiding citizens.