How Victorian Collectors Plundered English Folk Heritage


23rd December 2017 

STOP PRESS: How Victorian Collectors Plundered English Folk Heritage
English Heritage and English Ethnic Continuity LOST

We were wrong, and we apologise to Ethnic English folk everywhere. 

A hundred years on and the English folk-arts material that was collected by British Victorians has still NOT been fully and properly returned. 

For a hundred years the entire English people have been kept ignorant of its existence, and denied free access to it.

What is ours has been used by all and sundry for commercial gain. 

This is cultural oppression and cultural appropriation of the worst kind. 

Ethnic English people have been culturally dispossessed for a hundred years and their ethnic identity has been stolen too. 

It is time for every private and academic collection to return the English folk-heritage that they stole to the descendants of the English folk that they stole them from. 

It does NOT belong to the whole world. It was never 'gifted' as some would ave us believe.
It was temporarily entrusted to guardians whose contemporaries have broken the conditions under which it was placed in their care. 

Guardians have no right to distribute this material across the internet.
They do not own it and they cannot claim that it is lawfully in the public domain. It is NOT. 

The material is cultural heritage, the same as any other artefact the belongs to any other race or ethnic group. 

The Midshire Gazette demands that you FIND A WAY TO GIVE IT BACK NOW.