There can be no doubt that British Socialists have colluded with Eurocrat Socialists and European Socialist Governments to wreck Brexit, but they now see a bigger opportunity - to remove the British Conservative Government in the process. 

The British Labour party introduced openly underhand anti-democratic tactics in the 1997 General election, and conned British voters (particularly in England) into voting in mass immigration, multiculturalism and Celtic devolution. 
These are dirty politics of a very un-British style and undermine the very basis of British Democracy and the British Constitution, yet Tony Blair and his Scots-dominated British Labour Cabinet got away with it. 

Bringing down democratically-elected British Governments has long been a Labour Party tactic and has now apparently become Labour Party Strategy that goes beyond Brexit and now aims to oust the present Government. 

This is bordering on anarchy or even treason and the British Labour party and its Socialist Eurocrat mates in Europe are actively colluding in making it happen. 

Brexit activists and British Constitutionalists need to unite and fight to ensure that British voters are not going to be bullied and conned once again by the "oft repeated lie". 
If they fail, then the very same British voters who were conned in 1997 will again be conned into voting for the destruction of British Independence and British Democracy.