The whole Brexit farce has exploded because today the Dis-United Kingdom is in turmoil and no longer has visible “ties that bind”. 
Britain is divided like never before thanks to extreme political polarisation, Celtic separation and nationalism, ethnic segregation and religious and cultural extremism. 
Even the British Constitution and British Legal System are under threat. 

The result of this complete and utter hotchpotch is that when presented with an issue as large as leaving the EU it is absolutely impossible to reach any level of consensus that will satisfy the majority, because there is NO simple m ajority, on anything. 

In such an atmosphere the deceitful, the dishonest and the dissolute thrive. 

So is it possible then that the (anti-Brexit) “Remain” movement in the UK has been hi-jacked by the Socialist far left for their own less obvious political ends? 

Activist “Remainers” who are most likely left wing (who else  is allowed to be an activist in Britain now?) have shown zero tolerance towards any proposition that suggests the UK will most likely fare better in every way when freed from the incessant interference and inequality imposed by the Brussels Eurocracy over more than 40 years. 

Forsaking orderly democratic process and debate and settling for luddite  tactics instead, anti-Brexit activists everywhere have been whipping up hysteria, preventing “Leavers” from speaking publicly and generally ridiculing and abusing anyone who admitted to voting “Leave”. 
Most disgustingly, it has torn many families apart. 
Apparently anti-Brexit thuggery has been working and a re-vote appears to be highly possible. 

Of course anti-Brexit activists have been ably aided in their undemocratic efforts by Socialist EU Eurocrats and Socialist Heads of Government (France, Germany, Italy etc etc) who hope they will be successful in undermining and blocking Brexit. 
The lack of Eurocratic respect and goodwill towards Britain and the British people that has existed ever since Britain joined the European Community (and probably what motivated so many British people to vote “Leave” in the first place) has now been replaced by open hostility, scaremongering and thinly disguised threats. 
During and since the referendum, the treatment of UK MEPs, the British Government and the Brexit negotiations by Eurocrats and European Heads of Government has been typical of European chauvinism, childish nastiness and vindictiveness. 
They have  blatantly  obstructed the Exit process and clearly highlighted the level of anti-Britishness that exists in the EU which will never disappear. 
This should be of major concern to British “Remainers” but it dosen’t seem to be. 

It was a British (Socialist) Labour Government that in 1997 forcibly implemented Celtic devolution, uncontrolled mass immigration, multiculturalism and positive racism policies that over 20 years have had a massive destabilising effect on the UK. 
Britain’s security and the safety of the native English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh peoples have never been more imperilled. 
All this in the pursuit of a ‘Blairite/ Fabian Society’ doctrine that envisaged the UK as some sort of Jerusalem-like, Blue Mink Melting-Pot Socialist state. 

When in Opposition the British (Socialist) Labour party has often demonstrated more interest in bringing down democratically-elected Tory Governments than in supporting efforts to make Britain a better place for British people. 
Clearly, Socialism in Britain has a past history of working with Trades Unions to foment the kind of organised divisiveness and discontent that undermined the Edward Heath Tory Government and came close to removing both the Margaret Thatcher and John Major Tory Governments. 

What if this was the real goal of Britain’s Socialists all along? 
What if someone tagged the anti-Brexit campaign as being the perfect opportunity to discredit and bring down yet another Tory Government? 
Why would they subject Britain and the British people to this agony? Getting back into power, and retaining power is the first objective in the Socialist handbook. 
What if apolitical “Remainers” are  being cynically manipulated by Socialist activists? 

If Socialist activist “Remainers” are able to persuade or intimidate British people into changing their decision from “Leave” to “Remain”, the likely consequences might well be:- 

1. Another democratically-elected Tory British Government will be brought down. 

2. Another bitter General election will follow. 

3. Another Labour Government will be elected and take Britain back into Europe, blaming the whole debacle on the foolish Tory Government and the deluded (largely non-Socialist, and non-Celtic) Brits who voted “Leave”. 

4. Socialist Eurocrats will inflict humiliation and punitive reprisals on the UK, to deter any other country from trying to leave the EU. 

5. The British people will become  Europe’s “whipping boys” for generations to come.