The New Zealand Herald and Anglophobic Sports Reporting

Goalmouth Scramble: Why football fans around the world would relish seeing Colombia eliminate England

The article linked below appeared in The New Zealand Herald Online recently and if you are English, it will give you an insight as to why, in a supposed non-racist 21st century world, Anglophobia is so widespread. 
The author, Damien Venuto ( a NZ Herald Business Reporter) claims to speak for all football fans around the world and uses the football World Cup as a vehicle to peddle an anti-English commentary that is bigoted, outdated, historically inaccurate and destructively offensive to English people everywhere. 

Mr Venuto clearly supports the view that continually dredging up the past and generating antipathy and open hostility towards a country and its people is justified by events in history, regardless of how long ago the events took place. 
He is clearly a “Sins of the father may be justifiably visited upon the sons” type of guy. 
He presents his thoroughly Anglophobic notion that the “whole world” hates England and ‘The English’ without the slightest  concern for historical accuracy and cites colonisation and empire as the reasons for much of the global hatred. He suggests that Central and South American teams in the World Cup, (particularly Columbia) will take delight in righting historical wrongs by knocking England out, and thereby earning the undying gratitude of the whole world. 

Glaringly, his twisted perception of history ignores (or is ignorant of) the fact that in most Central and South American countries the people are of colonial Spanish and Portuguese descent, whose Iberian ancestors conquered and slaughtered most of the native peoples. 
As a journalist Mr Venuto is also woefully unaware of (or simply chooses to ignore) the fact that the Empire or Commonwealth to which he refers was, and still is in fact, British not English. It was also the British, not the English, who defended the Falklands/ Malvinas. Plainly he would have approved of England being knocked out previously by the 'hand of God' attached to the arm of that footballing cheat Maradona.

Perhaps he would have included Scotland, Ireland And Wales in his article had they reached the World Cup finals? I somehow think not. 
In most Western countries today Race Relations legislation states that historical bigotry is NO excuse for racism or racist dialogue, The damage done is that thanks to the NZ Herald’s reputation and coverage, many young Anglo-Kiwis, will have taken these prejudices on board as the truth, to the detriment of their English ethnicity and cultural self-identity.

In a written reply to my letter the NZ Herald denied that the article contained any form of racism, but thankfully, despite his arrogance, the Editor of the NZ Herald is not the arbiter of what is and is not racism. I would have taken this further but illness prevented me from doing so. Next time they host this kind of Anglophobic claptrap thinly disguised as 'sports reporting', I will raise a formal complaint with the NZ Equality and Human Rights Commission.

It is disgraceful that The New Zealand Herald, New Zealand’s premier daily newspaper, hosts such pseudo-racist, historically-warped, disparaging drivel. 
If you too would like to register a complaint, here are the appropriate contact details: 
Damien Venuto: 
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