England In Flames - The Systemic Rape of the Innocents

Anyone who has visited these pages know that although I choose to live in exile in New Zealand, my ethnicity and self-identity is thoroughly English and members of my family still live in England. This gives me the right to be enraged at this time and to demand answers to the following questions:- 

1. Why did the British Police, Local Authorities and the Child Welfare system desert our young vulnerable English children as long ago as 2003? That is 15 years ago! 
2. How and why were these English Authorities able to keep it hidden for so long? 
3. When exactly was paedophilia, underage sex and child rape made legal in Britain? 
4. Why are (largely Pakistani) gangs of Muslim males exempt from investigation and prosecution for these crimes against humanity, British Law, the English people, in fact against Western civilisation as a whole? 
5. Why, after the disgusting, long-term events that took place in Rochdale, Rotherham and Oxfordshire was Telford still able to happen? 
6. Why does it take so long to put these animals in prison? Why are they not sent back to where they came from out of hand? 
7. Why are ordinary English people not taking to the streets or at the very least screaming about this on social media? If there was ever an entirely evil social issue, this is IT for goodness sake. 
8. I’ll ask question 7 again – why so little grass roots action??? Have England’s reasonable folk been so completely disempowered?