All The Way To America

Hi Phil,
Just bought two of your CDs and can't wait to hear them in full! I've been a folk music enthusiast for many years and found you courtesy of an American Drane who has been spreading word of your music via American genealogy sites!  I'm a descendant of James Anthony Drane who came from England to Maryland in the very early 1600s, so we're cousins many, many times removed!  Now I know where I got my long-time fervent interest in folk music!  It's genetic!  Also appreciate your thoughts on the "New British".  Must say I'm completely with you on that! All the best . Judy W, Kansas City, MO.

Hi Phil,
Greetings from Texas. Like your music.
I study the genealogy of a branch of Dranes that started in Maryland from England, went to Kentucky cir 1815, then on to Mississippi, and then settled in Texas in 1926. I'm a retired dentist and military officer from the US Air Force. My Dad was a dentist, and his dad a meat salesman. My great grandfather went to west Texas during the "Cowboy Days" and died in 1886 in a place called Sierra Blanca, near El Paso. 
Cheers, Joe B.