Praise for Phil Drane

A selection of organizer's comments .... 

New Zealand

"A fantastic weekend with Phil Drane in concert on Sunday, up to his usual high standard and all those attending had a lovely time with Phil's entertaining programme of English folk heritage music." ..... Steve Tolley, Bent Horseshoe Cafe. Tokomaru, New Zealand

“Your gig was brilliant Phil!! Beautiful songs, well sung and lovely guitar accompaniment. I was engrossed from start to finish and your spot flew by all too quickly. It was obvious that the audience loved your performance and feedback has been all positive” .… Tricia Lee, Titirangi Folk Club, Auckland N.Z.

“This concert in February was the club's second concert at Meow Cafe, and word must have spread around that it was a lovely venue because the audience was much bigger this time and nearly every seat was taken. Of course, the name of English folksinger, Phil Drane from Lancashire, attracted lots of people as well, independently from the venue. His name was not familiar to me, but after hearing some of his music on YouTube, I became a fan and knew that it would be a good concert. Phil accompanied his singing with some great guitar playing. The arrangements were beautifully intricate and perfectly performed. I also loved his singing which reminded me a little of Bob Fox. He presented a good mix of traditional and more modern folk music. Thank you Phil, for a great evening …. Annie Van Herk, Acoustic Routes Club, Nelson, NZ (Feb 2011) Extract of The Balladeer March 2011 Pages 3& 4 of 7

England & Scotland
"Sooooperb show on Saturday Phil. A brilliant evening of Englishness! The Debenham Folk Club always wants the best and we certainly got the best!  I can't think of another artist on the scene who could have held mostly non folkies in rapt attention for 2 and a half hours. Quality & craftsmanship!" .... Robert Brown , Debenham Folk & Acoustic Club, Suffolk.

"Eclectic repertoire of songs, uniquely arranged; smooth vocals underpinned by subtle finger-style guitar work reminiscent of the very best in that genre - Nic Jones and Bob Fox." .... Dave Goulder, Rosedale Folk Club, Scotland.
"Great singing, guitar playing and audience engagement from a consummate professional. Phil quickly won people over and held them enthralled throughout his set; definitely recommended and we'll be looking forward to a return visit." ...... Peter & Ali Campion, Folklights, Romsey.

"Phil genuinely entertained with exquisite guitar-work, great voice and amusing and interesting anecdotes - a very good evening!" …. Roger Nash, Folk On The Coast, Bognor Regis, West Sussex.

"I was delighted to have Phil support Dave Swarbrick at Cambridge Folk Club; his musical capabilities and sensitive understanding of his material combine to make him a valued guardian and interpreter of the tradition." .... Marion Treby, Cambridge Folk Club.

“We really enjoyed your music on Monday evening, Phil. The quality of your guitar-playing and singing (even with a cold-affected voice) were readily apparent, and you have an easy stage-presence that is envious. I was particularly impressed by the sensitivity of your guitar-playing, the alternative tunings, and the thoughtful arrangements of the songs - first rate!” …. Garth Hodgson, Brecon Folk Club, Durham
 “Phil Drane was excellent last night at Glenfarg - good songs (including lots with choruses!), great voice, superb guitarist. He lives between Lancashire and New Zealand and is a really interesting friendly bloke. If you missed him at Glenfarg, he is at Dunfermline Folk Club on Wednesday (6 July) .... Posted on by MickStubbles
“June saw our second guest at the Strawberry Gardens a Mr. Phil Drane and his welcome back to the folk scene in the last three years after a thirty (yes 30) years absence and you would never have known it. We at Fleetwood had a great night listening to Phil with his songs and banter and the introduction to the songs he sang, his guitar playing was a treat to listen to and watch - very professional - he is a player of the highest calibre and this complimented his singing beautifully. " ....  Joseph Boe, Fleetwood Folk Club
“I would like to add to what Joe has written above saying it was a wonderful balanced evening and Phil would not disappoint any audience. Hope to see you again.” …. Mike France, Fleetwood Folk Club
 “Loved the set last night Phil. Excellent presentation, musically clean and interesting coupled with brilliant singing and some very interesting musical ideas. Plenty of variations to keep a jaded old folky like me happy! Highly recommended – a sophisticated choice for a first class club night” …. Jon McNamara, Stortfolk
“Phil recently performed at The Chase club ….. a wonderful evening of traditional and contemporary songs, wonderful guitar playing and great interpretations.” …. Barry Yates, Chase Folk Club, Staffs.
"Magnificent set Phil, the audience loved it….. It’s always a pleasure to hear a craftsman and a "proper" troubadour at work. Anytime you want to come back to Suffolk just holler" .... Robert Brown, Debenham Folk & Acoustic Club, Suffolk.
"Phil is one of those performers who festival organizers love to book - a consummate professional and a true entertainer." …. Richard Grainger, Ryedale Folk Weekend.
"Phil is a fine singer and entertainer, with a strong voice accompanied by excellent guitar playing. He has an easy stage manner which went down well with our audience. Recommended." …. Roger Parker, Folk at the Manor, Cheshire.
"Phil’s warm and relaxed manner instantly drew our audience in. He entertained us with a good mix of traditional English songs, told interesting stories and made us laugh. He has a great singing voice and accompanies himself with a smooth guitar style. Lovely man, lovely musician" …. Fiona Lander, Bellingham All Acoustic
“A superb performer, fantastic set of songs and thoroughly enjoyed by all - straight out of the 'Top Drawer'” .… Mark Whitmore, Crown Folk Club, Notts.