Ethnic English Folk-Culture in New Zealand

The National Library of New Zealand, Alexander Turnbull Library has added my albums Two Ravens, The English Lament, and The Best English Singalong Folksongs CDs to its online audio collection of ethnic immigrant folk-heritage music. They join my first album Full Circle  whch was adopted in 2010.
This is a clear indication that New Zealand (unike the Dis-United Kingdom) clearly recognises the contribution that immigrant ethnic English people and their folk-culture continue to make to New Zealand's evolving multicultural identity.
This means that all the English folk-heritage music that's on my albums will be made available to NZ schools, tertiary institutions, researchers, cultural organizations, publishers and authors, librarians and the general public. How sad that is not the case in England, where British cultural oppression continues to deny English children access to their heritage at school.
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