English Accents and Dialects - The Anglo Files Radio Show - Final Episode (2007)

Digging through my archives recently I found a recording of the final episode of “The Anglo Files” dated March 2007.
Now that Facebook enables access to the world, I thought it would be a fun to share it , since it features ordinary English people talking about themselves in some of the wonderful regional English accents and dialects that I have known all my life.
So I added a few vintage pics and made it into a video. The opening tune is The Hesleyside Reel played by Tim Van Eyken.
<<Click Here>> to play the video.

“The Anglo Files” was a show that I produced, presented and funded on Planet FM Community Radio in Auckland, New Zealand, the target audience being the (estimated) 100,000 English-born people who live in the Greater Auckland area along with interested Anglophiles.

It was a light-hearted mix of social news, information, humour and indigenous English folk music - a weekly celebration of English heritage, tradition and culture, to keep ethnic English people in touch with their English roots and their unique English folk-culture.
I finally gave it up to spend more time touring the folk clubs of the UK and NZ as a folk musician but I enjoyed every minute of scripting, producing and presenting the show, and especially the feedback I received from English listeners.