Is England now simply “Britain-Lite” and where did the native and immigrant English people go?  

Britain today comprises Scotland, Wales and 7 disparate Regions.
These Regions were arbitrarily carved out of what used to be called "England", by a "British" Government in 1994. In the British devolved government context each Region is now forced to compete, unfairly, with the Scotlish Government and Welsh Assembly for British Government contracts, and in other International/ Domestic bidding contests.

"English" as an ethnic group was permanently removed from the 2012 England and Wales Census form by…

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Mass immigration and multiculturalism - the Socialist curse.  

I find it callous, destructive and blatantly racist that successive British and other European Governments continue to be completely prejudiced and brutally intolerant towards their own majority native and indigenous ethnic people who have been subjected to unprecedented, irreversible revolutionary change brought about by radical Socialist policies.  Mass immigration and Multiculturalism were policies that, in the UK at least, were obscured from the deep scrutiny of democratic process by being purposely…

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Thanks For The Memories (originally posted in 2015) 

I would like to thank the 140 or so folk club, concert and festival organizers who graciously booked an unknown Anglo/ Kiwi folk musician from 2007-2012 and continue to enquire whether I will be touring again. 
Also my sincere thanks to the hundreds of folk who came to hear me perform and perhaps bought my CDs - some of whom still write to ask me if I will be back performing in the UK. To all those lovely people the simple answer is no,  I did my dash and what a wonderful experience it was. 
I thoroughly…

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England - A Country of Perpetrators, Bystanders, and Victims

According to Jewish writer Raul Hilberg there are three types of people involved wherever evil flourishes - Perpetrators, Bystanders, and Victims. Only the victims are without blame. 

It is unbelievable that the lessons of Rochdale, Rotherham and Telford et al have not yet been learned. If so, the Bystanders of Manchester missed the reports. Surely this can't be what even the most avid the…

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How Victorian Collectors Plundered English Folk Heritage 


23rd December 2017 

STOP PRESS: How Victorian Collectors Plundered English Folk Heritage
English Heritage and English Ethnic Continuity LOST

We were wrong, and we apologise to Ethnic English folk everywhere. 

A hundred years on and the English folk-arts material that was collected by British Victorians has still NOT been fully and properly returned. 

For a hundred years the entire English people have been kept ignorant of its existence, and denied free access to it.

What is ours has…

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Victorian Collectors Promise To Save England's Folk Treasures (July 1886) 


23rd July 1886 

Victorian Collectors Promise To Save England's Folk Treasures, 
English Heritage and English Ethnic Continuity To Be Preserved Forever 

At first glance it appears that the well-heeled British Victorian collectors of "everything not nailed down" have found a new target for their cultural appropriation, and it is a darned sight closer to home than Egypt or Africa, and doesn't involve an extinct race or ethnic group. 
Down in the English countryside the local yokels have…

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Disingenuousness and Tuia 250 

As well as distancing herself and other NZ Governments from the past deeds of British (i.e. Scottish, English, Welsh and Irish) Colonialism yet again, perhaps it is also time for Prime Minister Ardern to address Maori grievances that have arisen since New Zealand became independent in 1907.

Or perhaps even since the first NZ Parliament that has supposedly been representing all New Zealanders since 1854.


"Pom' and 'Pommie" - an English Australasian immigrant's view. 

Who should decide really whether the Australasian terms 'Pom' and 'Pommie' are acceptable or not?
Clearly the English immigrants who have suffered it the most? 

The singularly Australasian term Pom (or Pommie) was most often used from the 1960s onwards along with two other words 'whingeing' and 'bastard'.
The Oxford English dictionary mildly describes them as a 'derogatory terms' for (originally) British and (latterly) English immigrants.
In fact these terms were frequently used in the phrase "Whingeing Pommy…

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There can be no doubt that British Socialists have colluded with Eurocrat Socialists and European Socialist Governments to wreck Brexit, but they now see a bigger opportunity - to remove the British Conservative Government in the process. 

The British Labour party introduced openly underhand anti-democratic tactics in the 1997 General election, and conned British voters (particularly in England) into voting in mass immigration, multiculturalism and Celtic devolution. 
These are dirty politics of a very…

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The whole Brexit farce has exploded because today the Dis-United Kingdom is in turmoil and no longer has visible “ties that bind”. 
Britain is divided like never before thanks to extreme political polarisation, Celtic separation and nationalism, ethnic segregation and religious and cultural extremism. 
Even the British Constitution and British Legal System are under threat. 

The result of this complete and utter hotchpotch is that…

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